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The Next Shift

The Next Shift
Posted by Larry on February 12, 2018

After my interview at Stonemaier Games, I was faced with a number of questions from Jamey’s readers. “How will you be different?” “Why should makers use your platform?” “Where’s the beef?” Ok, maybe not that last one.  

Each question led me to a firmer resolve in what we’ve set out to do here at Breadmaker Games: Better the Tabletop Games Industry by allowing makers to bring good games to gamers. But resolve doesn’t actually answer the questions, it doesn’t pull in publishers, it can’t draw thousands of visitors; not on its own. The resolve I have is nothing without the collective movement of our community.

We travel slowly, considering each breath as we take it in and let it out, treading together. We welcome others looking for harbor into the fold, those disoriented by the noise. We embrace each member for who they are despite the differences and better ourselves in the process. But most importantly, when we sit, we sit together, and we sit for a good long time – shaking hands, exchanging thoughts, communicating, seeing.

We’ve sat for quite a while now, and it’s time for another shift in what we’ve come to know as comfortable. It’s time we lead our band to the next harbor, the next stronghold where we can take what we’ve become and make it better.

If you’re not completely turned off by that metaphor and still reading, welcome. This is the way I feel about Breadmaker Games and the potential it has to transform our industry, and you have the opportunity to be an important part of this shift.

We simply can’t do it alone; we need you.

Here’s the beef: We need publishers who are passionate about our industry and ready to make this shift with us. If you are one, I’d love to chat with you about how we can host your campaign here to make you and your bakers successful. If you know one, please reach out to them, send them this article, and have them contact me:

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