It’s no secret, we love good games. And we believe good games are driving a major shift in how we engage each other, pulling us away from the screen and bringing us back to the table where we can truly interact. Every day, creative people are making good games, ready to be revealed to the world. We want to empower those people to bring those games to market and give gamers access to support the efforts required to do so.

Here’s the deal:

Our job.

Provide a dedicated platform for the Tabletop Community to discover good games and to help makers raise funds to make these games. Stand by you during the processing and fulfillment of successful campaigns on this platform. Support the future of makers by providing a forum to continue selling successful games to fans and supporters post-campaign.

Your job.

Bring us good games. Plan ahead. Be open and honest in communicating with bakers, makers, and with us. Stay open to feedback. Don't overpromise. Excite our growing community with your games.

Breadmaker Games is dedicated to the Tabletop Gaming industry. How? By allowing you to discover and support good games and accessories on a platform made just for games. As avid gamers ourselves, we recognize the tremendous growth of traditional gaming and value the face-to-face interaction that is absent from most popular entertainment mediums today. However, we also recognize the way gamers discover and research new games is now largely driven by the digital atmosphere. That's why we made this for you.

So let’s help each other out. We'll give you this sweet site to use; you help us make and bake good games.

Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions