The Basics

Q: What is
A: Breadmaker Games is the oven that holds the next wave of great games, enabling the heat of crowdfunding to bake a campaign to perfection, delivering you a toasty, freshly-prepared game ready to hit the table. As a dedicated crowdfunding platform for the Tabletop Gaming industry, we allow you to discover and support good games on a platform made just for games.

Q: Why should I use instead of any other crowdfunding site?
A: We are focused on the Tabletop Gaming industry and are embedding ourselves within it. Other platforms have added tabletop games as an accessory to their business. Tabletop games are our business, and we're committed to the growth and well-being of the industry. You won’t have to sift through any of the fluff to find a game worth your consideration!

Q: What is a Baker?
A: A Baker is you or anyone who decides to put their own dollars toward making a campaign successful on, we call this "baking", naturally. You'll see the term "Baker" when we talk about a user who supports campaigns on our site.

Q: What is a Maker?
A: A Maker is an individual or group of individuals counting on bakers to support their campaign on You'll see the term "Maker" when we talk about users who create campaigns for funding on our site. When your campaign is live, we consider it to be "in the oven."

Q: How do I contact you if I experience a problem with the website or a campaign?
A: If you encounter a bug or other problem with the platform, please contact us at

If you are experiencing a problem with a campaign, please attempt to message the maker through the “Send Message” button the campaign page to resolve the issue. Otherwise, feel free to email us at describing the problem in as much detail as possible.

For Bakers

Q: How does pledging (baking) work?
A: Pledges are the heat required to bake a successful campaign perfectly! Sign up for a free account by clicking here. Once you have an account, you can bake any project at the tiered reward levels specified by the maker using a major credit card. We are an all-or-nothing platform. So if the dollar amount from bakers meets or exceeds the goal amount, the campaign is successful and bakers are charged at the end of the campaign time period. Makers are encouraged to regularly update their bakers throughout the process of funding and fulfilling their pledge rewards.

Q: What are you doing to make sure campaign claims and promises are legitimate?
A: Ingredients for a campaign should be gathered before it can sustain the heat of funding at Breadmaker Games. Before a campaign is in the oven, we conduct an interview with the maker where we ask them to provide a detailed plan for manufacturing and distributing their game and associated pledge rewards. We follow up with these vendors separately to make sure they are reputable and that the terms are in fact as they were discussed. While we take all reasonable measures to ensure success, we cannot guarantee it and ask that bakers conduct their own research prior to pledging their dollars.

Q: Can you guarantee that successfully funded campaigns will deliver on all they promised?
A: While we do our best to screen campaigns before they're in the oven, it is inevitable that sometimes unforeseen problems occur. We ask that bakers bake responsibly, do their own research, and understand that this is not a pre-order site, it is a pledge of trust (and money) toward a company to make their plans a reality with the promise of reward in return. We will work very closely with makers who run into issues to adequately fulfill promised rewards to their bakers. We encourage over-communication from maker to baker to gain feedback and inform their audiences of development at all points of the process. If you begin to suspect something fishy from one of our campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Q: Who is responsible for the fulfillment of a campaign as promised?
A:It is the responsibility of the campaign maker to fulfill the campaign's promises. We do the research that other platforms won't to ensure the highest chance of success for our campaigns, but we cannot 100% guarantee the outcomes and ask that all bakers bake responsibly by conducting their own independent research before committing.

For Makers

Q: How can I create a campaign with Breadmaker Games?
A: If you have your ingredients together and are ready to put your campaign in the oven, please read through our dedicated page “Become a Maker” for all the details. Simply put, we do our due diligence to be sure makers are set up for success before the campaign is put in the oven. This ensures responsibility amongst all parties in the crowdfunding relationship.

Once your campaign is in the oven, generate the crowdfunding heat you need by uploading a video and creating a compelling campaign page telling your audience why they should support your game!

Q: What fees are associated with creating a campaign?
A: There is no fee to make a campaign. Breadmaker Games charges a 5% fee of successfully funded dollars at the end of the campaign. Makers are also responsible for a 3% - 5% payment processing fee from Stripe.

Q: How can I promote my campaign once it’s live?
A: Share it with friends, family, and your current audience! Click the “embed” button to embed your campaign progress on your websites. Click “Share” to share it through any social media channels or to email a link to a list of prospects. Once your campaign is in the oven, it's up to you to generate the heat!