FLGS Whole Grain Program

If you have any questions about becoming a member of the FLGS Whole Grain Program, please contact Larry at

While we are responsible for delivering bread baked to perfection here, you as FLGS owners are the ones running the shop. Loyal patrons arrive daily to sit down and partake of your goods with you and with each other. Some of your customers are happy with a loaf that has been sitting in the warmer for a week, but others are looking for bread straight out of the oven.

This is the FLGS Whole Grain Program

You’ve not been able to get your hands on the fresh stuff until now. With this system, you’ll be able to place bulk pre-orders on campaigns in the oven here at, allowing your players to get their hands on the latest games. Here’s how it works:

  • This program allows you as an FLGS to receive bulk orders of successfully crowdfunded games on at a wholesale price.
  • There is no cost to opt-in.
  • At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive access to a list of hand-picked games to which you’ll be able to bake for up to 100 units of the base game (just pledge 0 if you’re not interested!).
  • Once you’ve locked in your bake amount, we gather all bake amounts from every FLGS in the program.
  • We will send you individual links with the pre-specified amount filled in to bake each campaign you opted to support.
  • If the campaign is successful, you’ll receive your games along with express permission from the maker to sell these games in your stores.

Check out an example of how each FLGS will choose their games every month here.

Sign Up for the FLGS Whole Grain Program

Here are some quick answers for questions you might have:

Q: How will I get to choose which games I want, and which games I don’t want?
A: You’ll receive an email with a link to a page with a list of games in the oven on our site that are hand-picked by Breadmaker Games staff. There, you’ll be able to preview and choose which games you want and at what quantity. You can choose 0 if you’re not interested in pre-ordering that game. The deadline for you to submit your choices will be on the page and in the email itself, so don’t forget!

Q: What if I change my mind on what I want?
A: You can change your choices or unit quantities by contacting us at up until the submission deadline.

Q: When will I be charged for these games?
A: You will be charged for your games after the campaign end date and only if the campaign has reached its full funding goal.

Q: When will I receive my games?
A: You will receive the games on the same schedule as other bakers of the campaigns receive them. Once the campaign is funded, bakers including yourself will receive emails will receive regular updates from the makers regarding manufacturing and distribution progress.

Sign Up for the FLGS Whole Grain Program